There are hundreds of motivational gurus or trainer today
why book satish deshmukh over someone else?

Satish Deshmukh’s ’s goal is that each delegate leaves his presentations with new, simple, practical and  usable life skills which can affect their daily lives positively with immediate effect.
Unique learning environment combining, personal life experience, humour and magic.
20 years of international experience as a speaker, entertainer & global adventurer.
Humble & likeable personality and he talks from the heart.
Interaction with delegates, coupled with practical exercises.
Delegates are inspired within themselves, and taught how to unlock these skills and apply them within their daily, social, family & business lives.
Unique added element of magic to reinforce all skills taught.
Through lateral and logical thinking, delegates are taught to broaden their potential.
Upmarket  & tasteful presentations.

Designed by satish deshmukh
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You meet or have a telephone meeting with SD  in advance of your event. A topic is decided upon and SD begins constructing the imposter's background. Shortly after, you will receive a realistic biography of this "imposter" for your program. Key product and company information can be worked into the presentation. If you wish, you can supply names and background information of pre-selected people from your company.

So …. you need to book a motivational speaker for your upcoming conference.
Who do you book ?
Will he/she meet our company expectations ?
There are so many speakers around, where do you begin, they all sound great ?
Can you believe everything you read on a webpage ?
The choice is so difficult … and at the end of the day, if the speaker bombs out, YOU are to blame for making that decision.
Bit of a problem you have ?

All of your answers will remain confidential.
After reviewing everything you send, Hilka will call you to discuss specific ideas for the content that will achieve your objectives.

Imposter Speaker
Satish Deshmukh frequently appears at major conventions and corporate events, either as an "infotainment" presenter or keynote performer with surprising moments of mind-blowing magic interwoven into the message.His "Imposter Speaker" program is one of the most talked about events at any meeting or convention. His motivational topic, "Goal Setting Magic Secrets" combines humor, highly useful information, and magical effects the audience can learn and use.
Magic Sells: Stand Out From the Others. Draw the crowds to your exhibit with an entertaining and informative show. He creates a custom designed presentation that gets your story told, using lightening fast sleight of hand, a natural comic ability, and a keen sense of showmanship and salesmanship.
State our Objectives
Year after year, many firms use Satish Deshmukh to add that necessary spark to a trade show, booth, or business meeting. Let us provide you with a promotion that works. We can offer a simple presentation, presented on a small platform within your existing booth, or an elaborate illusion presentation utilizing custom designed props. We also offer consultation and design services for creating a whole new exhibit.
“Experience is a good teacher, but her fees are very high.That is why God made trainers and people developers.”Dr. SHAUKAT CHANDNA Ph. D., D. Litt. Managing Director - QCCD