After just 5 days in this unique workshop, participants can perform on stage and gain impressive improvements in their self-confidence. This workshop is conducted in an experiential format: topics include personality and leadership development, time management and presentation ― conveyed through lectures, exercises and games.

Magic is a stylish and interesting medium. It has been selected as it promotes the expression of one’s self; one learns to think on their feet, use body language, act without speaking [mime] and persuade others through the use of non-verbal communication. 

Achievement builds self-confidence. High self-confidence is necessary to succeed in any professional sector. The Magic Workshop promotes high self-esteem in the enrollees.   Noticeable positive change in the participants' personality can be seen in just two days, hence the name “Magic Workshop.” With proper guidance and a lot of encouragement and praise, children unveil the “magic” within them.

During the workshop, the students are shown the technique of performing magic tricks. They are also instructed in the importance of creating an eye-catching presentation. The students are asked to practice their magic tricks. They are also given the option of performing individually or in a group.

Group acts require the assistance of art, music and dance directors and other experts in the field of entertainment and showmanship. Technical expertise also forms an important facet of the workshops. Participants are encouraged and taught to master all essential aspects of their presentations through dance, drama, music and above all ― magic.

Swami Vivekananda said, “No one can really teach another. One has to learn oneself.” This specially designed workshop follows Swami Vivekananda’s principle and is adjudged as a potent, hands-on experiential non-formal education.
What are the
Rapport Builder: Magic is a highly engaging activity that quickly has children spellbound. Magic
makes individuals appear more playful and approachable. Magic is also a very effective distraction
from tension and anxiety.

Teaching Tool: Magic can be used metaphorically to teach real-life skills. For example, magic tricks
that involve a "great escape" or "break out" can demonstrate overcoming obstacles and achieving

Therapeutic Alliance: When used properly in long-term individual counseling, magic can provide a
shared activity, common ground and something for the child to look forward to witnessing and/or
Connecting with Resistant Teens: Magic can be irresistible even to the most resistant teens by
challenging their intellect, piquing their curiosity and eliminating boredom.

Strengthening Groups: Magic can be a very effective tool for breaking the ice in children's support
groups. It can also be used to promote positive group norms and increase cooperation.

Behavior management: For interested younger children, magic can work well as positive
reinforcement. Children can earn the privilege of learning magic tricks as a reward for their good

Diagnostic Aid: Magic is a useful and common sense tool for detecting depression in children.
Magic encourages young people to develop:
Reading and comprehension skills
Practice skills
Concentration skills
Eye/hand/finger coordination
Communication/verbal skills
Creativity and expression skills
Why magic as a medium?
Why magic as a medium?
for whom
Who can benefit from the Magic Workshop?

The workshop is most beneficial for boys and girls, educational faculties, performing artists, art teachers, counselors, parents and company executives, supervisors, employees and corporate people. Marketing personnel will find the workshop especially useful in terms of using the techniques during sales presentations, promotions and pitches. Magic can be used effectively to communicate with people, reduce mental stress and gain a marketing punch.
What will you achieve?

§ At the end of workshop, participants will be able to independently perform a 90-
minutemagic act in a professional manner with dance, drama, solo acting and
§ Entrepreneurial insight.
§ Better understanding of one's self and capabilities.
§ Confidence enhancement through improved communication and more skillful presentations.
§ Improved interpersonal relationships through teamwork.
§ Enjoy the process of learning baffling and mystifying techniques presented by renowned
magicians the world over.
§ An opportunity to gain name, fame and financial prosperity.
§ Enhance image in any profession.
§ Free membership of IAM.
§ Students perform a magic show for the parents and guests on the last day and get a
certificate of achievement.
§ Qualify for a certificate from IAM - India.
§ An opportunity to participate in future shows, upcoming TV serials, teaching and tours
§ Meeting celebrities in the Magic Workshop.
§ At some events there may also be press coverage.
What you achieve?
1. Numerous magic tricks are demonstrated, participants will be taught to perform onstage to
deliver a 30 to 90 minute professional and entertaining show.
2. Training includes optical and mechanical illusions as well as conjuring items, slight of hand,
close-up and pocket-tricks. Nearly 400 to 500 tricks of international caliber can be learned.
3. Use of dance, drama, music, oratory and mime [solo acting].
4. Stage techniques: sound and light set-up.
5. Make-up, costume and group synchronization.
6. Stage presentation.
7. Time management on stage.
8. Confidence building, creative thinking and teamwork are just a few of the valuable benefits
students will appreciate.
9. Leadership development.

Workshop Curriculum

What are the related character enhancements?



Imagination & creativity
Strong communication skills
Good work ethic
Basic skills/reading/writing etc.
Attention to detail
Interpersonal skills 
Appreciation of aesthetics
Interpretive skills 
Public speaking skills
About material:
We provide basic material to all students such as rope, cards, coins, papers, gimmicks and first aid magic box . Near about ten tricks per student.
In our workshop the children get professionally built store bought props.
About material

Participants will get:
· Comprehensive Workshop Notes and other supporting write-ups
· Basic Props
· Hands-on Coaching
· Certificates : Qualify for a certificate from IAM - India
· Students perform a magic show for the parents and guests on the last day and get a
certificate of achievement.
· Awards for best performers
· T-shirt
· Free membership of IAM.
Participants will get
The Educational Benefits
Traditional education has focused on content with the view that there exist immutable objective
facts and the purpose of teaching is to pump this alleged knowledge into the empty heads of
students. Modern thinking in both educational psychology and epistemology focuses more on
processes such as logical thought, communication and above all learning to learn. This shift of focus
stems from two premises:
Knowledge changes
It is not always possible to accurately predict what information will be useful in the future

Underlying all learned knowledge is storytelling. Storytelling in its multifarious manifestations such as:
chalk talks, fables, lectures, songs, plays, movies, novels, theories, presentations etc. - is how
humanity passes on its body of knowledge and its culture-by all peoples, through all time.
The one common thread that links people who have reached the pinnacle of human achievement
is that they were all great communicators - some in words, others in images, others still in
mathematics or music, each one mastering the art of a particular expressive medium and applying
it to immortalize ideas and inspire others.
Magic Workshop takes the tradition of storytelling and propels it into the computer age. Its blending
of both content and process, listening and telling, distinguishes it as a unique educational program.
Magic Workshop's primary educational objective is to help develop communication skills, which are
critical for success in all walks of life. Modern multi media computing technology lets one take a very
broad view of communication, and in effect levels the playing field. While the need to express may
be universal, the mastering of the necessary skills will be different for different children.
Some children can draw, others narrate, still others sing, or write. With Magic Theatre they can pick
their preferred medium and still tell their story. Or they can team up with others who compliment
their own abilities. As children use Magic Theatre, they enhance their ability in the key elements of
communication such as:
· composition
· extemporization
· planning
· staging
· speech
· artistic judgment
Magic Workshop's design is based on a number of principles.
1) A child needs to be stimulated and learns by example. For this reason, every time the program is
run a short startup movie is randomly selected and played. Each movie has been carefully designed
to show a different aspect of the product.
2) Children learn through play. The interactive nature of Magic Theatre's user interface, with its sounds
and visual effects, renders the act of creation as much fun and as important as the creation itself.
3) What one creates reflects how one created it. Magic Theatre was designed with ease of use in
mind. Every feature was tested again and again for over six months on children as young as three.
Ease of use was considered of such paramount importance that some features were intentionally
removed or hidden. Rather then constraining children's imagination by forcing them to navigate the
arcane and bewildering intricacies of computing technology, Magic Theatre frees them. Literally, in
minutes they are able to create their own movies with just the mouse and microphone. No reading,
no keyboard, no computer house keeping, and if you don't know what a button does, you click on
it and it will tell you
A Summary of Feedbacks from participants in

What did I learn?

1. I attended this type of training programme for the first time. I learnt to speak in front of an
audience without fear. I learnt a lot, while learning, I enjoyed a lot. I learnt how to talk. I
understood the importance of developing sound inter-personal relationships. From now on I
will not say ‘ this is not my work’ but will try to do any job that is needed to be done because
the job is not for someone else, but for me.
2. My head is now full of new but simple ideas of how to be a happy and productive . The
teachings of these five days have made an indelible impression on me. I have certainly taken
the first step to change, I feel very sad as the workshop was only for five days. I hope we have
many such workshops in the future.
3. The workshop helped me to open up and share my thoughts, ideas and experiences without
any inhibitions. Today I really understood myself. I have gained tremendous self-confidence in
this workshop.
4. The workshop helped me to examine myself and reduce my egoistic nature. I have learnt to
think about others. I feel motivated to help others. I fully understood the importance of time,
punctuality and discipline.
5. When I was told that we have to attend this workshop, I was least interested. I even thought
about absenting under some pretext. Now I am happy that I did not do so. The people who
trained us and all that they taught us is simply unforgettable. I was walking in darkness. I
almost completely removed my inferiority complex ? I hope that we have similar workshops on
a continuous basis in the future.
6. I found out the reasons of my stage-fright. I also realized that only I can help myself to
overcome it. By coming out of my shell. For the first time, I shared my fondest dreams with
others. Now I am determined to succeed 100% in my life.
7. I learnt to solve a difficult problem in a happy state of mind. I will tackle any challenging job
with all my heart and soul. I also learnt the importance of communication skills. Workshop
gave me the opportunity to perform on stage. I learnt how to achieve wholesome
development in me.
8. We learnt to think about others first. This will help us to think about our customers first. If we
want to keep our top position in a highly competitive market, we need to constantly change
and improve. Continuous learning will help us to grow. This type of training does not change
onlyone person, but the entire community.
9. I really liked the workshop. I was able to remove the negative thoughts from my mind.  My
outlook is now more positive . I learnt that it requires a lot of moral courage to say sorry. The
workshop is  the best thing that happened to me.

Describe the Workshop in just one word

Best SMILE, Happiness, Grand, Greatest, Superb, Finest, Magnificent, Splendid, Excellent,
Wonderful, Extraordinary, Brilliant, Unforgettable and Inspiring.

Registration and fees:
A registration form is enclosed with brochure.   The fee includes course materials, refreshments,
certificates, awards plus participation in all scheduled activities, shows as well as insurance
coverage while at the workshop.
Admission fee (Non-Refundable)           Rs.   700/-
Course fee                                             Rs. 5000/-
Total                                                       Rs. 5700/-

Comments from Project Pioneer and Creator― Mr. Satish Deshmukh

“In my profession as an entertainer, trainer, educator, magician and illusionist, the use of magic has had a tremendous positive impact on students. It helps quickly build trust and rapport with my audience young and old, and often serves as a great icebreaker when working with groups.”

In general, kids are naturally drawn to the power of well-done magical illusions and this attraction can lead to potential therapeutic gains. Magic can be used metaphorically to teach about change, growth and life skills. The utilization of magic to help children improve their social skills also has great potential. Learning and performing magic are highly engaging social activities ― you must interact with others.”

I have created a social skills program simply called, the Magic Workshop. It involves training in age-appropriate tricks and the performance of those tricks before an audience. In group sessions, participants learn and practice assertiveness skills; this includes role-playing social situations that can arise in the course of doing magic with peers. For example, how do you handle someone who is disruptive while you are performing a magic presentation? What do you say to a good friend who has given away the secret of your best magic trick?”

A high degree of teamwork, cooperation and an overall great attitude is required to be successful on stage. Participants arrive early and can't wait to learn the skill of magic! The knowledge that they receive, a new “magic” skill, serves as good incentive and encourages them to "hang in there" for some serious focus on oral presentation and assertiveness exercises.”

“I introduce each new trick and its script in front of the group and clearly model the skills of presentation For example, face the audience, scan, the use of appropriate eye contact and diction. The group members then break into pairs and practice informally on their own. I provide individual instruction as needed, allow plenty of time and promote a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where everyone succeeds. For some of the group members, this is a welcome contrast to their prior peer group experiences.”
Comments from Pioneer
About Project Magic Workshop
Satish Deshmukh conceptualized and implemented this project in 1986 at Nashik City. Mr. Satish Deshmukh is an outstanding performer from international celebrity circuits.
Trainer is known by the performance of the students he trains. He had taken up the challenge to train handicapped, homeless girls, street children and juveniles. The results were beyond imagination. Deshmukh’s dumb, deaf and handicapped students are now star performers in U.S.A. One of his students has given 58 shows in 30 days in Mauritius and another student has given 28 shows in 30 days in U.K.
His two students have been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book Of Records. Some of his students have gone on to achieve nationwide and international success performing around the world in such celebrated locales like New York, Las Vegas, London, Dublin, Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, and many other parts in the world including even rural areas in the country.
His students are doctors using clinical hypnotherapy for their patients, police officers using magic for crime detection, professors using magic to make their educational lectures more interesting, art teachers using magic to keep students intact, advocates using talking tricks in cross examinations, and others like pilots, builders, and students from long Island University New York. Results of his magic workshops are beyond imagination, even street children, orphans, Sr. citizens are also outstanding performers who were participated in previous workshops.

About Project
Develop your Personality through Magic? 
Participate in 5 days magic workshop which is first of its kind in the world to enhance the confidence, communication skills, stage presentation, time management and to perform effectively on stage as a professional through the medium of magic.
The Model Magic Workshop is the first project of its kind conceived, developed and implemented by Satish Deshmukh to train boys and girls & those interested in becoming stage performers in just five days.
Well, in just 5 days anybody can participate and perform one and half-hours show in a professional manner with style and grace.
The Magic Workshop is a training program staffed with professionals with a rigorous schedule of training and evening shows, celebrity performers and final appearance by the students.
Workshop involves the training of optical and mechanical illusion, sleight of hand, conjuring and close-up. It also includes stage presentation, time management on stage sets and techniques as well as confidence, creative thinking, team building, body language are just a few of the valuable assets student will receive from workshop. There are special lectures on how to make good Public Relation, Communication Skills,
Advertising and Marketing yourself and your show and Image Building etc.
An opportunity for the most exciting week of your summer; a week of special magical training, celebrity appearances, enthusiastic counselors and a chance to learn those baffling, mystifying skills you'll carry with you forever!
These are the secret techniques used by professional magicians & gamblers around the world.

Participants will be able to perform a 90 - minutes magic act in a professional manner with a style and grace after only five days of training.
Anybody can participate in this workshop to enhance the confidence, communication skills through personality development using the unique medium of ‘magic’. This is personality development project for everybody above 6 years.
Magic Workshop is country’s only professional training geared exclusively to the art and education, first project of its kind in the world where creativity unleashes.
Starting first workshop from April 18, 2000 and completing last workshop on June 4, 2000 at Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nashik, Aurangabad, Indore, Sangli, Kolhapur, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi respectively. Each workshop in every city will be for 5 days (see schedule).
We have full use of practice hall, cafeteria and technical things like music, sound etc. Special provisions have been made for parents, friend's visit while workshop is on.Basic material for magic tricks will be provided.
Develop your Personality through Magic?

Designed by satish deshmukh
Copyright @ satishdeshmukh & associates 2014

Power Point shows

“Children see magic because they look for it.”
Christopher Moore