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Designed by satish deshmukh
Copyright @ satishdeshmukh & associates 2014

Customized Act
20 min to 40 min -5 technical assistants.
Another possible option includes making the CEO the star of the show in situations where he or she appears by magic, is involved in the magic or actually becomes the magician for part or all of the show. The additional price for this varies depending on the customization and required rehearsal time of the effects. Please note that for product launches or event objectives, some if not all of the effects can be designed, built and themed to meet the individual clients' needs and preferences. This goal can be achieved thematically with logo and or product placement or it can be achieved by creating effects on the drawing board that suit and enhance the clients' concept.

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE: Satish Deshmukh’s magic has “simplicity” with audience interactive (audience participation) and motivational magic routines based PowerPoint show & few videos on screen i.e. integrity, teamwork, logo of the company/product etc. You'll be impressed with surprising Illusions & commanding performance. Satish Deshmukh’s magic has everything that makes up a great show from beautiful assistants and mystifying illusions.
The stage can be so close to the crowd that immediately the audience is impressed as each trick unfolds right in front of their eyes. He is known for his engaging personality and original magic creations, like making a logo of the company float over an audience member. This includes not only the conjuring acts but also unique tricks. The entire performance would be for a time period of around 40 minutes long if there is no large scale illusion involved.  He is also a very good story teller. Even the most skeptical audience members are amazed and delighted with his commanding performance! With 40 years of entertaining audiences he has been a repeat performer for many multinational companies. You'll experience a mind-boggling performance that truly baffles his audiences! Satish Deshmukh Mind Reader...for the ultimate entertainer that fascinates everyone! During Cocktail & dinner he mingles with audience and performs many walk around tricks on card, coins and personal objects. He can produce, vanish, transform, levitate and penetrate anything right from small object to huge product, personalities to group of people on stage. Hence there is no chance for special effects, cutting pasting and editing in his shows.
All actions are for live and immediate. Each show is tailored to the requirements of the venue. Scale it up, or Scale it down and he'll do the rest. Satish Deshmukh is among the top Illusionists today. Corporations find his Shows extremely Entertaining. You'll be impressed with his surprising Illusions & commanding performance. All the action is live, and the challenges are mental. A remarkable presentation of memorization, an impossible blindfold routine, and attention grabbing whole audience mind reading. A full audience participation where thoughts are read and weaved into an unforgettable entertainment program.  Secret thoughts of words, numbers, and personal information are revealed. Even the most skeptical audience members are amazed and delighted with his style. With 30 years of entertaining audiences he has been a repeat performance for the many multinationals. You'll experience a mind-boggling performance that truly baffles his audiences! Satish Deshmukh Mind Reader...for the ultimate entertainer that fascinates everyone! With 40 years of entertaining audiences he has been a repeat performance for the many multinationals. Satish Deshmukh & Princess Kimaya  illusionists & Mind Readers, A World traveled entertainer with many illusions with one of the sophisticated shows in the world! Sometimes with just one male assistant... for the ultimate entertainment have following all time hit acts ...
Going Beyond
1. Twisting hands ( 2 min)
2. Hypnotizing people: He hypnotizes everyone through his special act and asks them to imagine how
everyone can SOAR IN THE SKY. Everyone opens eyes. He starts a video clip on screen shot by him
personally when he was performing in ALASKA and explains what the secret of ‘UDAAN’.
3. Creating theme of the show magically: Satish Invites 5 people from the audience and asks them to
choose any Alphabets randomly and creates the theme of the show e.g. Excellence, Udaan, 100%,
etc.( 3 min)
4. Liquid  disappears and reappears ( 5 min) Water_ symbol of purity disappears & reappears in
brochure/news paper
5. Floating Logo Of the company on stage & in the audience ( 3 min)
6. Credit card of the audience member torn & restore act ( 5 min)
7. Floating Lady on stage ( 3 min)
8. Integrity & teamwork: The effect will be the best for the company’s dealers where all the 8 metal
rings will be linked together in which there shall be extensive involvement of the company’s
executives and senior management. There will be a special pose taken by Mr. Satish Deshmukh, the
company’s executives and the senior management personnel invited on the stage for this
particular effect.
9. Your choice: One box contains Indian currency Rs. 100 and other box contains 5,00,000 (2 min.)
anybody can tell him how much money is inside. If he is  right he can have the money. Honestly!
10. Produce , Vanish and  transformation act ( Ring) ( 4 min)
11. Goodwill and reputation: Vanishing money and reappear in someone’s pocket in the audience.
Following are some special illusions you can adopt for your esteem clients:
Making a CEO magically appear for an opening address,
Creating a 'mega-escape' illusion for a CEO
Developing a full 30-minute customized stage presentation for product launch.
Producing logo from nowhere (huge or small logo can be used)
Developing customized corporate presentations for road show.
Girl appears from crystal triangle.
Magician performs special effect of linking rings to explain integration, linking and communicating systems of the client.
Shadow appears on screen then logo appears through transparency and suddenly glamorous model appears from the same screen.
5 top models appear magically in space shuttle which is shown empty.
Many other conjuring effects can be performed by master magician Satish Deshmukh using News paper, Rope, Silk, Ribbon, Fire, Cane, Candle, Etc.
Breaking old product & producing restored product from scraps.

Illusionist and illusions
People do not know difference between magic and illusion
The difference between an illusion and a trick is that an illusion generally is large-scale and involves a human assistant and/or mechanism, machineries, techniques and technology. This branch of magic generally requires a great deal of money, an in-depth knowledge of magical principles, at least one assistant, a thorough understanding of stagecraft, staggering talent, imposing stage-presence, prodigious theatrical training, specific venues and great connections.Johnny Carson once asked David Copperfield what the difference was between a magician and an illusionist. David flatly replied, "About $40,000."
Many illusions actually require the illusionist and all of his assistants to be in top physical health. It’s simply not for the beginner. This is not to say that the intermediate magician couldn’t start to include one of two illusions into their act. But the inclusion of an illusion and possibly a trained assistant will raise your costs and therefore your price, making shows at this level fewer and farther between
100% _lundbeck
Accountability/Going Beyond_ Zydus cadila
10,000_ HPCL
More from less
Faster_ Novartis

PRODUCT Launches:
Discover motor bike_Bajaj
Mondeo Car_ Ford Motors
Servers_sun Microsystems
Soap_ Marico & Anura
Tablets on depression_ Lundbeck
Rashtriya Khandesh _ Social networking

Mumbai_Bollywood, Delhi, Kolcatta,
Chennai, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Surat,
Ahmadnagar, Amdabad, Aurngabad,
Nashik, Pune, Nagar, Lukhnow,
Baroda,Chalisgaon, Dhule, Jalgaon,
Manmad,Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur,
Bhilwara, Udpi and almost all major cities
in India.

Reunion Island,
USA: Miami, Los Angeles_ Hollywood,
Seattle, SAN DIEGO in California

1. Miami, FL ;
2. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands ;
3. Isla Roatan ; Belize ;
1. Juneau, AK ;
2. Skagway, AK ;
3. Ketchikan, AK ;
4. Seattle, WA
5. Wittier
1. San Diego, CA ;
2. Acapulco, Mexico ;
3. Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa, Mexico ;
4. Manzanillo, Mexico ;
5. Honolulu, HI ;
6. Kauai (Nawiliwili),
7. Kona, HI ;
8. Hilo, HI ;
9. Maui (Kahului), HI ;
10. Maui, HI ;
1. Vancouver, BC, Canada ;
11. Ensenada, Mexico
12. Cozumel, Mexico ;
Carnival Cruise Lines, USA, Star Cruise Lines, India
Hotel WESTIN pune
Hyatt Andheri Opposite international Airport, Mumbai
Jade Garden, Nehru Centre
The Park Kolkata
The Residency  Cnennai and Coimbtore
ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton
Tajmahal Mumbai, Delhi, Culcutta
Oberoi, Mumbai
Renaissance, Powai Mumbai
Hotel President, Mumbai
Auroa Tower, Pune
Tulip Star, Mumbai
Gulmor, Ludhiana
Clark Avadh, Lukhnow
The Grand, Delhi
Holiday Inn, Surat
The Pride, Nagpur
Golden Park ,Kolkata
The Taj Bangalore
Days Inn, Vashi
And almost all five star hotels in the country
All big resorts in Asia
Fantasyland, Mumbai
Raigad Resorts
Mount View Resorts, Raigad
Panchshil Club, Pune
Trimeline Resorts, Barodara
Mahakavi Kalidas Kalamandir, Nashik
Mahakavi Kalidas Rangmandir, Mulund
Bhartiya Vidyabhavan, Choupati
Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium, New Mumbai
Sant Eknath Rangmandir, Aurangabad
Television Programmes
Star Plus
Star News
Doordarshan (National Television)
Home TV (Horn Please OK)
Aaj Tak
Maa kripa Channel 9
Sity Cable,Multi Channel
Etv Marathi
United Television_UTV’s Hugama channel’s workshops in 11 cities
Radio Mid -Day ( Good Morning Bombay)
Radio News
Bharti Vidhyapith
Dr. D. Y. Patil
Corporate and Industrial
Bajaj Auto motor bike launch _produced discover bike in just 4 seconds live
Unichem_Launched ZULU tablet
Lundbeck India_ launched the company and tablet on depression
Ford Motors_Asia’s largest Auto Expo
Sun Microsystems_launched servers
Novartis_motivational shows on theme throughout India
Apollo Hospitals_worked as ambassader to welcome prime ministers and
Cadbury Schweppes_International conference
Global Telesystems Ltd._Launched Fax machines and cordless phone and
KTS systems
Wockhardt Ltd,
Maharashtra Police,
WD Consumer Products - WD India Pvt. Ltd (Disney),
Barrow Gordon Associates Ltd. London,
T.A.S.C. - Dublin
Piccadilly - Mauritius,
La Maison Mauritius,
Lamco International Port Louis,
Reserve Bank of India,
Khar Gymkhana, NIIT

Minimum technical Requirements:
All staging, rigging, lights, sound, risers
Dressing room for preparation and change
One rehearsal with your technical people of sound and lights if they are involved in acts
Video feed from soundboard.
Head microphone (or collar Mic), CD player/ laptop for presentation /LCD projector with screen.
I believe that performing as an illusionist, as I do, is almost solely a question of wanting so very much to do it well.
- illusionist satish deshmukh