Shrikrishna Chandratre Music Director

Vision got by
Dr. Muju
First Corporate Entry given by
Mr. Ashok Jain
First opurtunity in life by
Lion S. K. Shiurkar, Nashik

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“Satish  is not only my student but loving friend with personality, sparkling eyes, pure heart,  thoughtful person, bright brain & skillful  performer in the field of magic….He is hardworking and.simply wonderful!” _Prof. B.D. Pawar Nashik.
Satish Deshmukh  has not received any formal magic training from any great magician but …he believes that conjurer is an actor playing the part of magician. Hence Principal Vidhate from Shriram Vidhyalaya Panchavati, Nashik is the first person who gave him an opportunity to play a character of Warrior Chatrapati Shivaji in  the  play during Annual Gathering in 1971. All the people involved in making him understand the value of stage sets, make up, costume, direction, music etc. They were not only great but also extraordinary teachers who taught him the basics. i.e  V.V.Shirwadkar, Vasant Kanetkar, Netaji Bhoir, Shrikrishna Chandratre   and many others.

Prof. B.D.Pawar, Maths & Physics teacher from Nashik
Vidhate Sir
guru_shiurkar guru_muju1
"Your magic is not just a mere trick but just like a music for us"
His  real GURUS were many but some of them are really great. He  calls them great teachers.

It isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the
student to give of his best in order to discover what he already knows.