Satish Deshmukh has received extensive and flattering media coverage in all national as well as international press media on the front pages with mast lines.
Coverage on the front page of six thousand newspapers, international television & radio stations, as well as electronic media.
He has received 74,000 cm.  coverage in print media just in a day when he entered in the entertainment industry. .
A publicity file any professional artist would be proud of to accumulate over a lifetime.
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Front page under the mast line of world’s No.1 Newspaper ‘The Sunday Times of India’ which is largest circulated daily National newspaper… published full page story  as an Extra-Ordinary Illusionist. (Times Photo by Hoshi Jal Chief Photo Editor)
Woman in mid air at Pragati Maidan in the Capital of India during Asia’s Largest Auto Expo. Front Page coverage under the mast line_ Tribune (Photo Mukesh Agarwal)
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International magazines has given him double spread coverage with more than 9 pages features.
The Director of TASC Ireland visited India to see his work she said that, “He is an educator-expert in Arts and Development Education”.
He has been on many covers of magazines and has attracted the attention of the most important publications in the world.

Auto Expo 2002
Renowned illusionist Satish Deshmukh would have found it difficult to match anything that visitors to Auto Expo have already seen, but he managed in his own inimitable way. (Photograph: Bivas Banerjee ­- Saab Press)
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When he came to Mumbai from a small town to create a new platform in entertainment industry  INDEPENDENT (London & Mumbai) published a SPECIAL FEATURE on him entitled “He came He saw He conjured
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He moves like butterfly & stings like
a bee. (Mid-day mumbai  April
Satish Deshmukh A new era in Indian
magic. (Twin City April 24,1992)
First illusionist who  declared that he can make the
disappear in 1992.
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Interviews broadcast by All India Radio, Mid-Day Radio, Times FM, BBC, GLR Radio for London and in other 76 countries.  His special interviews have been telecast on BBC, Star Plus, Zee T.V. (London & India), National Television and other National and International Satellite channels and cable networks (18 Hrs. coverage)
He does advertising for many major brands. He also provides his image and name to specific merchandized item such as soft drinks, and other products, which are sold by major retailers in India and abroad. Currently Satish Deshmukh is preparing himself for his own TV shows.


I am always wandering around in enigmas. There are young skillful magicians who constantly come to tell me: how come you perform a small trick.
I haven't the slightest idea what that is called small trick. I've been doing this work for 40 years now because I know trick is not small.
- Illusionist Satish Deshmukh