How magic helped her see
As you know now that I am a professional magician, rather illusionist, behind this profession I am actually a trainer and educator. Years back I was hired by the Cadbury Schweppes to perform a special show for their International conference. I decided to perform walk around, close up magic for the delegates who were the directors, presidents and vice presidents of the company from all over the world.
I was performing the show and suddenly I saw a family and I walked up to them and, after introduction of myself, pulled out a deck of cards and began performing a card trick which was not a part of that particularly designed show based on company’s policy, product, etc. Turning to a young girl sitting at the table near swimming pool, I asked her to select a card. The girl's father informed me that Wendy, his daughter, was blind.

I replied, 'that's okay, if it's all right with her. I'd like to try a trick anyway'. Turning to the girl, I said' "Wendy, would you like to help me with a trick?" A little shy, she shrugged the shoulders and said, "okay." and I said, I'm going to hold up a playing card, Wendy, and it's going to be one of two colors, either red or black. What I want you to tell me is, what color the card is? Use your psychic power. Got it? Wendy nodded.
I held up the king of clubs and said, 'Wendy, is this red or a black card?"
After a moment, the blind Wendy replied, “Black". Her family smiled.
I held up the
seven of hearts and said, "Is this red card or black card?"
Wendy said, "
Then I held up a third card, the
three of diamonds and said, "Red or black?"
Without hesitating, Wendy said, "

Her family members giggled nervously. I went through three more cards and she got all three right Incredibly, she was six for six!
Her family couldn't believe how lucky she was.
On the seventh card. I want you to tell me the value and suit of their cards…. Whether it's a heart, diamond, club or spade."
After a moment, Wendy replied confidently, "It's the five of hearts."
Her family let out a gasp, they were stunned!
Her father asked me whether I was doing some kind of trick or real magic. I replied," You'll have to ask Wendy."             
The father said, "Wendy, how did you do it?" Wendy smiled and said, "It was just my imagination." I shook hands with the family, gave Wendy a hug, left my business card and loudly said, "Forget about Wendy but there is something common in some of the people among you, let me find out." I asked Wendy to touch some of them. She kept her hand on the shoulders of six Managing Directors. Surprisingly,
all of them had twins!
Climax was beyond anybody's imagination. The question of course, is how did Wendy know the color of the cards and how one thing was common in all of them when she touched randomly, since I had never met Wendy.

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