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"I have seen marked change in the participants in just 5 days of the workshop, tremendous change in the personality, communication skills and stage presentation" -
Ms. Sue Bullough, Expert in Art & Development Education (Director T.A.S.C. Ireland).

"He is an ordinary person, but an extraordinary
personality. His name will be written in history for
his contribution to youth and children" - Cabinet
Minister for Child Welfare & Health in 1990 (Govt.
of Maharashtra)

He has trained 20 thousand students and recorded them in the Guinness Book of World Records and Limca Book of Records. Some of his students are doctors using clinical hypnotherapy for their patients, others are police officers using mental magic for crime detection, still others professors using magic to make their educational lectures more interesting, plus art teachers using magic to keep students attentive and focused.
He had taken up the challenge to train handicapped, homeless girls, street children and juveniles. The results were beyond imagination. His dumb, deaf and polio affected student is now a star performer in the U.S.
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Not only these but advocates using human psychology in their cross examinations, and others like pilots, builders, and students from Long Island University, New York.
Ultimate results of his magic workshops are beyond imagination that even street children, orphans, senior citizens are also outstanding performers who participated in his previous workshops.
"i am giving you  police multipurpose hall free for this Noble Project. I was a son of armed police constable and i am proud that you are also a son of police."_ Mr. Mahesh Gauri I.P.S. (Police Commisioner of Aurangabad in 1990)
"I saw Mr. Deshmukh;s Training style personally and he is not only very good  but attached to his students & people of this city""_ Mr. Moreswar Save Member of Parliament Aurangabad
Magic Workshop / Journey for world peace and communal harmony is indeed an exceptional project - Ford foundation (New York)
.It is very interesting to note his achievements in the field of contribution to children. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Indian Culture (London).
It is very interesting to note his achievements in the field of magic and illusion - Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Indian Culture (London).

Selected Statements from Authorities

He is an ordinary person, but an extraordinary personality. His name will be written in history for his contribution to youth and children - Cabinet Minister for Child Welfare and Health in 1990 (Govt. of Maharashtra)
I have seen marked change in the participants in just 5 days of the workshop tremendous change in the personality, communication skills and stage presentation - Ms. Sue Bullough, expert in Art and Development EDUCATION (Director T.A.S.C. Ireland).

He has got extraordinary power to influence people - Irish Times, Ireland
Alex hasn't stopped talking about you and your magic. He made me buy him 2 magic decks of cards and he is already learning some of the tricks ...We feel honored to have met you and that we actually had the privilege of being a part of your "one on one" magic. It does not surprise us to see the sponsors you have...quite impressive.....we would love to stay in touch and follow your career. I remember meeting Robin Williams in a small comedy club in Hollywood when he was starting out doing stand up and improve and told him the same........I predict an equally successful future for you...The funny thing is that when I met up with Robin a few years ago, he remembered me and what I told him over 30 years ago. Jeff Monka
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Not only Mr. Satish Deshmukh but even his students can perform levitatation act  after attending just 5 days of the workshop and perform 90 minutes' of professional show.
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Some of his students are now big stars & celebrities.  Some attend social functions as chief guests, inaugurators and special guests.

A Summary of Feedbacks from participants in

What did I learn?

1. I attended this type of training programme for the first time. I learnt to speak in front of an
audience without fear. I learnt a lot, while learning, I enjoyed a lot. I learnt how to talk. I
understood the importance of developing sound inter-personal relationships. From now on I
will not say ‘ this is not my work’ but will try to do any job that is needed to be done because
the job is not for someone else, but for me.
2. My head is now full of new but simple ideas of how to be a happy and productive . The
teachings of these five days have made an indelible impression on me. I have certainly taken
the first step to change, I feel very sad as the workshop was only for five days. I hope we have
many such workshops in the future.
3. The workshop helped me to open up and share my thoughts, ideas and experiences without
any inhibitions. Today I really understood myself. I have gained tremendous self-confidence in
this workshop.
4. The workshop helped me to examine myself and reduce my egoistic nature. I have learnt to
think about others. I feel motivated to help others. I fully understood the importance of time,
punctuality and discipline.
5. When I was told that we have to attend this workshop, I was least interested. I even thought
about absenting under some pretext. Now I am happy that I did not do so. The people who
trained us and all that they taught us is simply unforgettable. I was walking in darkness. I
almost completely removed my inferiority complex ? I hope that we have similar workshops on
a continuous basis in the future.
6. I found out the reasons of my stage-fright. I also realized that only I can help myself to
overcome it. By coming out of my shell. For the first time, I shared my fondest dreams with
others. Now I am determined to succeed 100% in my life.
7. I learnt to solve a difficult problem in a happy state of mind. I will tackle any challenging job
with all my heart and soul. I also learnt the importance of communication skills. Workshop
gave me the opportunity to perform on stage. I learnt how to achieve wholesome
development in me.
8. We learnt to think about others first. This will help us to think about our customers first. If we
want to keep our top position in a highly competitive market, we need to constantly change
and improve. Continuous learning will help us to grow. This type of training does not change
onlyone person, but the entire community.
9. I really liked the workshop. I was able to remove the negative thoughts from my mind.  My
outlook is now more positive . I learnt that it requires a lot of moral courage to say sorry. The
workshop is  the best thing that happened to me.

Describe the Workshop in just one word

Best SMILE, Happiness, Grand, Greatest, Superb, Finest, Magnificent, Splendid, Excellent,
Wonderful, Extraordinary, Brilliant, Unforgettable and Inspiring.

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Satish Deshmukh conceptualized and implemented this project in 1986 at Nashik City.This workshop believes that children and youngsters all over the world are same.  All that they need is a direction and guidance so they can unveil the ‘MAGIC’ in them. Mr. Satish Deshmukh is single handedly working with children and youth to enhance their confidence communication skills through personality development and to train them to perform effectively on stage using the unique medium of magic in the form of art therapy.
I knew only 10 magic tricks and used to train children.  Today I feel the sky is the limit for me. _Magician Satish Deshmukh 
(Ten outstanding young Indian awards acceptance speech)
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