Close mouth: If you do not know how to speak, better learn how to keep quite.
Straight Nose & Holding up  chin : for self-respect commands respects from others
Your mind is like an area of land. You have to care for it like a farmer does for better results.
You have to so wit (with ideas), till if (with readings) fertilize it (with visit to counter parts), pesticide it (to prevent it from becoming inanimate) to get the best crop of results from it.
How many of us have realized
since we were given two ears and one mouth it might be that we were intended to listen twice as much as we speak.

Triangle - if you make up your mind to do three things, i.e. to work, to save and to learn….You can rise in this world.
No Boundaries on Head: Open Head - Creativity is unlimited
The human mind is like a parachute; it only works when it is open.An open mind collects more riches than an open purse
Concentration is the secrete of strength in war, in trade, in sport, in all management of human affair.
It’s impossible to fly like an angel with the wings of a pigeon
Light and Dark
True and False
Artistic and Realistic
Young and Old Age
Creation of an illusion
Style, Grace and Presentation
The person and   his personality
Inward and Outward Character
Machine must work. Men must think
Eye, Hand, Bird, Magic, Action  - in one form
No ears - He does not believe what he hears
Eye represents what you see and what you believe
Triangle at dark side represents symbol of confusion or doubt
Face represents -- reflects  clam, intelligent thoughtful, sober and sincere
Eye action in  hand represents, vision with action and action with vision

Designed by satish deshmukh
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About Original LOGO
Some people dream of success, while others wake-up and work hard at it.
“I wanted to base my work on what people dream about.  Most of us don't dream of pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  But what affects people is realizing personal dreams, dreams almost everyone shares that they believed were impossible. In the cinema the audience watches the characters' dreams come true.  In grand illusion, the audiences get to watch their dreams come true, live, before their very eyes and in three dimensions; it's an interactive experience of wish fulfillment.  Nothing like it has been done before.  My illusions deal with real people who dream of being reunited with a loved one they thought they'd never see again and making it happen instantly.  My act combines music, magic, hilarious comedy, and mind-boggling mental trickery all in one truly original and unforgettable show.   All the action is live, and the challenges are mental. A remarkable presentation with romance, thrill and dances. A show for mystery and drama! A  full audience participation where thoughts are read and weaved into an unforgettable entertaining event. Secret thoughts, personal information is revealed. Even the most skeptical audience members will be amazed and be delighted with our shows…I'm like the writer and director of a movie. I am able to read the human mind and understand the secret of love and passion.” _Satish Deshmukh