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He  is the first magician in the country started using magic for
Human Resources Development

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Photo: By Mr. Kishor Ahirrao
Written on the book  'NASHIK' of  Kishor Ahirrao

Satish Deshmukh -illusionist with a difference is the first and only person who made his way in the corporate world - through the beautiful and unique medium of magic. As a professional corporate magician - Satish,  is the latest secret weapon in the corporate race - to gain visibility - and marketing punch - in a highly competitive business world. He is excellent at incorporating business into his magic. The purpose of each and every trick in his presentation is related to make certain point. His areas of interest are personality development, management, communication skills and behavioral sciences. As a faculty he feels that magic helps immensely in reducing strain, communicating with people and maintaining a reputation. He is confident of making his presence felt. Indeed the approach of this creative, dynamic and energetic young man who travels the world over, performing before thousands of executives at major convention has been very successful.

Satish Deshmukh is India’s first professional corporate illusionist who uses magic for crime detection, as an art therapy, for human resources development, product launch, glamour, education and personality development of children.

Many new entertainers and veterans have also sought Satish’s knowledge and expertise for celebrity impersonation and management as well, wishing to be molded into the image of their character. Beyond other endeavors, Satish Deshmukh has collaborated with the Showtec India as well, a production company that mixes magical illusions with Satish’s Midas touch for celebrity impersonations. He performs for corporate events, conventions, charity fundraisers and many different types of specialty

He is the perfect choice for multiple and repeat bookings because he strives for and maintains excellence in both his shows and workshops.
He is able to develop a quick rapport and relationship with both the on stage volunteers and the audience. People are very fascinated watching the volunteers participating in the show and love to see the different reactions from each person on stage.
Bold choreography, captivating music, and SD's extraordinary talent ignite each show with energy and excitement.  Renowned in entertainment circles as the Premiere Illusionist in India, The Magic of Satish Deshmukh is fast becoming the entertainment of choice for corporate events of every kind.
His popularity has led him to have an impressive list of performances, which includes the following,

Performed throughout India for ‘Unichem’ with the theme of African Nights for promotion of pain relevant tablets ZULU. Set was designed specially by his highly talented Art Director
Performed for Novartis Biocheme’s Sector Launch at Mumbai, Delhi, & Calcutta at Taj Group of hotels in all cities as a special celebrity performer. Show was designed on the theme of “World Class” with Key Points.
The Indian Fire Launcher”…On April 24,2001 at Hotel Tajmahal for SUN MICROSYSTEMS to unveil the Sun Fire Servers.
He was appointed as designer as well as performer and official ambassador of Apollo Hospitals group at   International Partnership Summit at Hydrabad organized by CII and Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
He had created an illusion of producing fax machines, KTS (Key Telephone Systems) and cordless telephones out of nowhere as part of Global Telesystems Limited’s product launch at Jaipur in June 98’
He had levitated Urmila Matondkar (Bollywood Film Actress) a top EROS cinema in Mumbai at the premier of the Chota Chetan. Events sponsored & organized by Cadbury Schweppes and also worked with many film stars and other celebrity performers from entertainment industry.
He has lunched country’s new soap manufacturing company with new 22types of soaps.
Performed for Launching Denmark’s largest pharmaceutical company Lundbeck in India at Bangalore.
Performed at XI The National Conference of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology - Navi Mumbai
Performed at the Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society (ANCIPS) at Kolkota.

He is truly a unique- he is the world-class illusionist ever to design and create all of his own illusions, as well as performs them, live, for stadium crowds. His particular forte is the major illusion. He has wide range of illusions at his disposal but can, if required, design and builds a completely new effect suitable to the occasion! He has brought the art of illusion to new heights of artistry and imagination. Combining theatrical elements with music, magic, humor, and audience participation,  Satish Deshmukh delivers a clean, positive performance with a style that is uniquely his own. His stage shows are conceived, planned and executed by the Showtec India. Even the illusions that he performs are carefully chosen before each show keeping in mind the venue and crowd. Satish Deshmukh’s principal assistants, dancers and models, are fully trained with a wide range of talents. Their numbers are specially choreographed to enhance the various illusion presentations although they are available for "stand alone" situations. Whatever you want from a magician / illusionist ...a card trick...a major illusion...a rabbit in the hat...a girl or more from a box...a six tone truck vanished complete with driver and load!! Satish headlined throughout the Celebrity Circuit, and was much in demand for private entertainment.  Presenting a full evening's entertainment, which included all manner of amazing illusions?   Many of the acts he created for the presence of many startling features in the repertoire of magicians now appearing before the public today.  It is said that Satish has created more illusions than any other inventor of this type of entertainment now alive
Satish Deshmukh has been producing exciting shows for over 20 years. He has created and produced competitive productions. His production company involved in creative shows.

In 1997 over 1,40,000 public were present to see him live in Reunion as international entertainer.
His strong public presence allows him to communicate with large crowds and millions of TV viewers in Reunion.
Satish is the highest paid illusionist& master magician as an entertainer  in India to go on the air & on stage. He has entertained audiences of all ages throughout the nation and around the world.  Named "Family Entertainer of the Year" by IAM's Paper, SD continues to astound and amaze both children and adults with his engaging magical presentations.

Trainer is known by the performance of the students he trains. Many of his students have gone on to achieve success on national and international level. Two of his students (both girls) have been recorded in The Limca Book of Records and The Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest professional magicians in the world in 1993 and 1995. One of his students gave 58 shows in 30 days in Mauritius and another 28 shows in 30 days in U.K. Some of his students are now celebrities and attend social functions as chief guests, inaugurators and V.I.P. He had taken up the challenge to train handicapped, homeless girls, street children and juveniles. The results were beyond imagination. His dumb, deaf and polio affected student is now a star performer in the U.S

The Director of TASC Ireland visited India to see his work; she titled him as an educator-expert in Arts and Development Education. His academy IAM - India conducts advance courses, professional courses, workshops and conferences. American students from Long Island University, New York have completed internships under his guidance and succeeded in higher studies under the International friendship program

He is single handedly working with children and youth to enhance their confidence communication skills through personality development and to train them to perform effectively on stage using the unique medium of magic in the form of art therapy.
·        After being recognized as a educator and renowned magician with a difference at the age of 25, he has set a world record for training over 20,000 prospective performers in showbiz, executives, children and youth through Magic Workshop and over 10,000 through other educational projects. After continuous contribution of 30 years in personality development, he has conducted more than 150 projects and conferences with overwhelming response in India, abroad and performed more than 10,000 grand shows with children and youth.
·        Some of his students are now celebrities and attend social functions as chief guests, inaugurators and special guests.

Satish Deshmukh has gained wealth of experience not only in most fields of the magic business but also in other aspects of show business, over a period spanning more than three decades. His clients over the years have included many major national and international companies. He is equally at home in a one to one situation, at an exclusive dinner event or on the largest stage. In 1994, after working on several projects he began focusing on extravaganzas. In 1988, he formed his own production company Satish Deshmukh and Associates,.
He is Executive Director of Satish Deshmukh and Associates, Bombay engaged in Human Resource Development. He is Chairman of Kimaya Films, Bombay engaged in production of T.V. Serials, educational films and video films. Satish established event management company, "Showtec India.

As an eminent speaker and noted personality he has been invited by many prestigious “Lecture Series” organizers to deliver lectures where only eminent personalities are invited to give lectures from their respective fields like arts, literature, theater, films, industry, politics etc.
Satish Deshmukh has made several guest appearances in many Indian TV shows, i.e. Horn Please O.K., Good Morning Bombay show and many others and has consistently enhanced the ratings on all shows on which he has appeared. ‘Shree 420’  TV serial is already on air on Zee TV in which he is a model for title.
Satish Deshmukh is has been a successful host; with his local cable network morning shows.
SD also specializes in providing technical advice to television commercial makers and appeared in a TV advertisement. He has created and performed magical effects for a promotional video. He has also created special effects without using computer software or any other camera tricks and played special role in TV serial.

Police Magic- for crime detection
He is heading a special investigation team for the Govt. of Maharashtra to investigation into the offences committed by criminals like murder, theft, and rape etc. using the medium of magic, superstition and hypnotherapy.
Satish Deshmukh has received extensive and flattering media coverage in all national as well as international press media on front page with head lines (72,000 cm. in just a month). A publicity file any professional artist would be proud of to accumulate over a lifetime.
He has been on many covers of magazines and has attracted the attention of the most important publications in the world.
He has featured on the cover page of SUNDAY TIMES, AMERIACANS HEARLD, INDEPENDENT LONDON, IRISH TIMES, and IRELAND under the mast line.

When he met with a car accident on April 29,1996, he was on the front page of more than 6000 news papers as well as Radio,TV,and other satellite channels, Star News, Zee TV,National Television as well as regional channels broadcast HEAD LINE news on his accident.
His interviews broadcast by All India Radio, Mid-Day Radio, Times FM, BBC, and GLR Radio for London and in other 76 countries.
He does advertising for many major brands. He also provides his image and name to specific merchandized item such as soft drinks, and other products, which are sold by major retailers in India and abroad. Currently Satish Deshmukh is preparing himself for his own TV shows.
His special interviews have been telecast on BBC, Star Plus, Zee T.V. (London & India), National Television and other National and International Satellite channels and cable networks (18 Hrs. coverage).
Witness the sophisticated sorcery of Satish Deshmukh. 
This Mumbaiya style presentation of classic illusion features the incredible levitation of Company’s CEO along with other amazing feats of mystifying magic using fire and electronic as well as electrical live effects!  People throughout Country have witnessed satish Deshmukh’s unique style of presenting magic and his award winning special acts for over three  decades
From large flashy stage shows to intimate close-up performances, SD's custom designed "magic acts" (presentations) are carefully tailored to enhance your event, attract attention at your trade show booth or even promote your company or product.  More than just a magician, SD's unique combination of magic is sure to leave your clients and colleagues amazed, bewildered and begging for more you've never seen a performer like Satish Deshmukh.  His innovative combination of computer-generated video, music and stagecraft creates illusions that engage the senses and stir the imagination.  Corporate clients around the world have utilized SD's unique talents to create customized performances that present their products in a dazzling, sophisticated, interactive environment.  A product demonstration on a trade show floor, a sales meeting in a hotel ballroom, or an industry announcement in a 15,000 seat arena, whatever the event, whatever the venue, SD can create the perfect experience.
Amazing, dynamic, and spectacular are just some of the reviews The Magic of SATISH DESHMUKH receives for his powerful brand of mystery and illusion.  From Mumbai to French colony Re-union, SD has dazzled audiences with his electric and engaging performance of some of the most striking illusions.
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