Princess Kimaya (age 17) is only daughter of India's Top Illusionist Mr. Satish Deshmukh.  She is also youngest illusionist & mentalist in the world.  She has been always with her father as a second performer and has earned good reputation in India as well as in other 10 countries.
The art of magic is to her is much more than a mercenary craft.  For her it is inheritance and an art of high potential and social significance. She is also good in her academic records. She wishes to help in training projects of propagation of this ancient art.
She has recently returned from Abu Dhabi & Dubai after performing for Velosi. Her last major show was for the King of the Oman.


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“I am happy that she is performing
at such a small age"

P.C. Sorcar
“You will be more than your father
for sure"

Hon. Mr.Kiran Shantarm
Sheriff of Mumbai
" I would love to see her
Harish Bhimani
First public performance at the age of two and half on 31st Dec,1998,New year show specially for one thousand children organized by ‘CHILD’and sponsored by CIDCO at Sarovar Vihar(Hovercraft Station),CBD,Navi Mumbai.
Performed at Navi Mumbai Cultural festival 2014
RUNWAL group mumbai  invited her at their Annual Day awards ceremony at ‘R’ city mall roof top program on 21st may 2013.
Performed specially designed ESP acts for VELOSI middle east at ABU DHABI & DUBAI on getting whole accreditation as a Type A Inspection body on 22nd Sep,2012.

Performed for KING of The Oman and biggest Business group ‘Zavovi’ at Muscat.
Fist public performance at the age of two and half on 31st Dec,1998, New year show, Specially for one thousand children organized by ‘CHILD’ and sponsored by CIDCO at Sarovar Vihar(Hovercraft Station),CBD, Navi Mumbai.

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Performed stage show at Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium, Navi Mumbai on 24th June1998,for Jain Jagruti Centre where her father  Satish Deshmukh was made to disappear from  the stage and she appeared from nowhere on the stage.  She also performed 2 internationally acclaimed tricks (diminishing milk & candle to flower) in solo act.


Her major show was held at Nashik on 31st Dec,1999 at Casa Portuguesa-NIWEC under the title ‘ILLUSION 2000”
She has also performed in a special appearance in Satish Deshmukh’s full-fledged show ‘THE ILLUSION’ at the age of 4 on15th Oct,2000.

At the age of 4 she has launched 3 types of soaps for kids (Teddy, Mango, and Toilet soaps) in ABRACADABRA with ANURAAH on20th Feb,2001.

She has done 7 days Tour at Ramoji Film City for the show for Phenomenal by Sitara Entertainement. (Chamkate Tare)
11 city tour for Hungama TV ( UTV Project). She has travelled and performed show in 11 cities In just 15 days.
Attended personality development workshop organized by IAM-India at the age of 2. Attended three Magic Workshops conducted by Satish Deshmukh and organized by IAM-India. Kimaya is a proud member of the International Academy of Magic & Society of American Magicians and enjoys participating in magic conventions. She has been with India's Top Corporate illusionist Satish Deshmukh  since her birth and traveled with him all over the world.
Performed a specially designed show for hospitalized/ailing children on children’s day (14th Nov,1999 at Wadia Hospital, Institute of child Health and Research Center, Mumbai when she was just Three& half Years old.Performed with Satish Deshmukh for Cancer patients with Film actress Sushma Reddy
Performed  very special show for HIV +ve children at Dhirubhai Ambai Hospital, Lodhivali, Raigad. Show organised by Cox & Kings India and make a wish foundation.
Performed for Tata Hospital , Kharghar for Cancer patients
Performed more than 500 shows between 3 to 17 years of her age.

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Princess Kimaya, illusionist, 14
Currently studying in Class 9, Kimaya Deshmukh made her first public appearance as an illusionist
when she was just two-and-a-half years old. For father Satish Deshmukh, a well-known illusionist of
international repute, her first performance was accidental as well as magical. “She just happened to
be there. I had never taught her any tricks, she learnt them on her own by just seeing me practice,”
says Satish.
From then on, Kimaya mastered her skills and performed numerous shows all over India and
internationally as well. A born performer, the 14-year-old has proven her prowess as an illusionist for
over 10 years, but feels there’s still a lot to learn and prove.
She has stopped her solo shows since the last two years to focus more on her studies. But whenever
she gets time, she accompanies her father to his shows.
“My entry into illusion was due to luck, but I always wanted to be different and do things that were
different from what other kids did. I still feel the same. But after some time I started to feel a lot of
pressure. And that’s when I decided to take a break and focus on my studies. Today I am not sure if I
want to continue being an illusionist. It was something that I liked doing, and I still love it.
Being able to surprise others is amazing. I have learnt a lot performing on stage in front of thousands
of people. And I must say, being an illusionist is magical and uncommon.
My dad has been my biggest teacher. And he told me that I should be something on my own as well.
I haven’t decided what I want to be. Today I am an illusionist, tomorrow I could be an astronaut. As
my dad says, ‘The world is open for all’.
Little masters
November 14th, 2010
Hassan M. Kamal
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Magic wizard
Princess Kimaya It is too tender an age to take to the art of magic. But Princess Kimaya wields the magic wand as professionally as any established magician of the country. She is said to be the youngest magician in the country having her own troupe with ten members and magical accessories worth Rs. 20 lakh conjuring and 2 truck load large scale illusions.
When She wields his wand to keep a woman floating in the air or throws her handkerchief to find a dove or pierces the abdomen of a girl with a sharp sword, it is sheer mastery over the art and the swift and subtle movements of her hands drew applause from the audience.
Kimaya has more than 500 stage shows behind her and is now earning Rs.30,000 from a single 5 minutes entry on stage for corporate clients. Daughter of the well-known magician, India’s Only best known trainer of magic Mr. Satish Deshmukh. Kimaya gained confidence from her first solo show at her school when she was barely two-and-a-half years old.

"She was literally brought up on the stage watching the world of magic as I took her on my tours for days," says Satish Deshmukh who has been in the field for the last 40 years. Her mother Saral, says Kimaya got attracted to the world of magic right from her infancy. As a little kid she used to get into the of her magician father and always kept glued to the television shows of other great artistes. Magic is all about time and space and Kimaya learnt by heart the theory of magic much early, her father says. For Kimaya, the first and only teacher was her father. Whenever the "magic" family discussed and thought about their art and craft day and night, the little Kimaya grew up imbibing everything.
She does not have any stage fright. Once on the stage, she will not allow spectator attention to go astray. Kimaya, who picks up "elastic lady" and "hypnotical floating lady" as her favorite items, wants to do "producing a girl in an empty box"
Audience participation is  kimaya's selling point she involves the children. Kimaya is a proud member of the International Academy of Magic & Society of American Magicians and enjoys participating in magic conventions.

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Magic is not a practice. It is a living, breathing web of energy that, with our permission, can encase our every action.