10 DEC 1088
My Dear Satish Deshmukh,I am in receipt of your letter as well as tho (3) photographs as promised. I liked the photographs, what about others?A thousand apologies for writing to you so late. Since you left I was not well and hence unable to write earlier than this, so please excuse. When are you coming to chalisagaon next. The tape we have recorded the other day did not record anything at all. I was much disappointed I wanted your reactions. Better luck next time……………Will you be good  enough  to teach me magic and be my Guru.  Keep writing to me whenever possible. I never write to anybody. This is special privilege for you.Sincerely yours,
Keki M. Moos.

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Learned understand the reason of art. Unlearned feel the pleasure!
_K.K. Moos (wrote  to Mr. Satish Deshmukh in 1988)

Note by Satish Deshmukh : Tatyasaheb (kavi Kusumagraj) got highest award in literature called
‘Janpeeth’ in India. “Slavery of English language is shameful” He spoke to people in his addressing
speech  but after few days when I met him; he wrote few lines about me in English (see attached
image)and gave it to me. I asked him why in English? 
He answered calmly with little smile on his face. I still remember his confidence….He said “I know
you are going to create a name on international level and people from all over the world should be
able to read what I feel about you.”

V. V. Shrivadkar ( Kusumagraj)
12th Oct, 1994
Shri Satish Deshmukh  an eminent magician is known to me since many years. He has earned good
reputation in India, as well as in other countries. The art of magic is to him is much more than a
mercenary craft.  For him it is an art of high potential and social significance. He now intends to start
training academy of propagation of this ancient art. I wish him a good luck for his now ambitious

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Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the
tree is the real thing. _Abraham Lincoln