Basically we are into:
Designing and producing brand new live shows
Conducting workshops for children and youth in various cities/ countries since
Performing our own shows with magic and illusions
Corporate shows for product launches, conferences and trade fairs and
promotional shows
Creating Public relation and building an image through television and press
media and performing specialized act for satellite channels.
Special events and shows for resorts and five star hotels.
Prodcution of Teach in Series and Films
Social projects.
Showtec is the full-fledged company in Entertainment Industry engaged in production of stage shows as well as promotion and marketing Events & Talents. Showtec is also consultancy firm in event management and organizing national and international tours for entertainment, cultural and educational programmes.
The company has experience in all production process of live shows, events and tele-media, right from conceiving concept, designing, implementation of the programmes, getting approval, scripting, establishing production team, casting, pre-production, production, rehearsal, shooting; post production (dubbing, editing, spl. effects, music) marketing and getting the programme performed. The ompany has the entire infra - structure to produce and market shows, events, serials and other projects like Tours Abroad, Corporate Conferences, Workshops and Conventions..
The International Academy of Magic  IAM_india) & allied performing Arts (Charitable Trust)
The IAM -India is the first body established to train prospective entertainers through the media of Magic, illusion and allied performing arts like dance, drama, music and fashion. After having organized and performed several training workshops and shows all over the country and abroad and having trained over 20,000 students; IAM- India has been registered as an association under the Society Registration Act 1860 and the Indian Public Trust Act, 1950

For the past decade, IAM -India has provided magical arts training to thousands of aspirant magicians and entertainers the world over. IAM-India - situated in Mumbai & Nashik- is home to more than 150 part-time students who come each week to learn of the art of magic !
As a non-profit organisation, our various outreach projects have been widely recognised both at home & abroad. The IAM-India also features a full-time Magic Shop, carrying some of the latest & greatest magical goodies, as well as India's only Magic Information & Research Centre housing an extensive collection of books, videos & other teaching material !
Kimaya Films
Established in 1992 has experience in all production process of tele-media and films, right from conceiving concept, designing, getting approval, scripting, establishing production team, casting, pre-production, production, shooting; post production (dubbing, editing, special effects, music) marketing. The company has the entire infra - structure to produce and market serials and films.

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Track Records:
Showtec India  has experience over 12 years in production of entertainment shows in India and Abroad. Company has achieved remarkable success in past years, organized and performed in Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Indore, Nashik, Aurangabad in India and other countries like USA, England, France, Re-union, Mauritius ,West Indies and Ireland. Company's workshops, fashion shows, cultural events, has linked 22 countries around the world including
Satish Deshmukh & Associates, Mumbai
Engaged in Human Resource Development through training & development.



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I have no money, no resources, no knowledge. I am the happiest man today because i have to give you something..
Magician Satish Deshmukh ( Magic workshop opening ceremony  1986 at Nashik)