Sangeeta Reddy managing director of Apollo Hospitals says, " wow how did you vanished my stress?”

main_sreddy state MAIN_OMAR
Satish  I am fascinated and I must say a hearty congratulations on your ingenuity on incorporate the skills of magic into physical therapy regimes.  It is not only theraputic, but fun and entertaining - what a great  way to motivate others! !  And the confidence it breeds in children is an undeniable gift to give others.  And in adults as well.  But the use of magic for the disabled was something i never thought of and it is truly brilliant. _ Karry Jennings
Your magical work on this dimension of illusion and what we label as mortal reality? Your message seems kind and insightful, combining symbolic magic with spiritual uplifting moments that could inspire one for the rest of their life. As everyone, who is conscious of their dreams, It takes the right people and energy to unlock those mystical doors to the cosmic joke. I trust that if I am to do this kind of work for the world as well as supporting your dreams, lead to unfolding my own, than it is only a matter of dedication and earnest effort. Either way for what ever it is all worth, I am happy to be in communication with you. thank you, I love David Copperfield, he is a good man, he utilizes his talents to express true love - Stephanie an Actress from US
Your work really captivated my attention and stirred up many thoughts. 
Your explosive combination of artistic talent, moral ethics, behavioral sciences, business skills, & marketing expertise is mind staggering and quite extraordinary. Beyond that, your charitable contributions are most commendable and you should be very proud.  Lifes greatest moments are in helping others!!~ Michele Rosati NYC_ runway Model
Mr Rajan Gupta who helped plan the event, said the show met his expectations.
"I loved it," he said. "It was everything I expected and more."

You have a special gift that shined throughout your presentation and comebacks for the audience. Many associates have commented that this was the best Party we have had."I personally thank you for making our event so memorable."

Dear Satish:
"Life itself is magic this was the best answer  you have given."
Jagat Jit Singh, Vice President;
I have never known or worked with anyone more gifted as an entertainer, more in-tune with our goals and objectives at product shows or who has a work ethic compared to yours.
Hariharan ,Vice

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Dubai Police Chief says, "Satish Deshmukh does Magic, but he does it with style & grace”
Kashmir CM Omar says, " i am impressed with your mind reading".
A lady likes to be complimented on her looks, her eyes, her figure. But the personality comments are much appreciated.
“You have a special gift that
shined throughout your
" You have extraordinary
power to influence the
“I remain incredibly impressed
with you as a performer and
your simplicity."
Dear Shri Satish, Greetings from  Qatar I am richer in finding a great friend like you . It was my privilege
and honour not only to meet and interact with you but also witness your exemplary showmanship at
the VELOSI-QCCD event. You really made it HAPPEN with your wonderful. Magic of feats, words and
great camaraderie.Looking forward to the great pleasure of meeting you again very soon in Doha.
Please also advise how we can co ordinate a show for our team/s in DohaWith best wishes , respects
and regards, And friendly greetings Ganesh,  From FINCOM QATAR
Greetings Dear Mr. Satish, I feel magical and privileged to receive an email from a truly reputed personality as yourself. I truly have no bag of tricks to pull out a few good words to appreciate the excellence with which you took us through that wonderful event. Though I was not lucky enough to have spoken to you in person during the event, I feel through your email an illusion that I am speaking to you in person now. But I cannot forego the opportunity to be the first friend of the Lord of Illusion in his first tour to Qatar, as it is an honour not many may receive. I must thank Mr. Sudhir Pandra fo rhaving introduced you to us. Generally, we tend to believe in what we see, but I believe more in what we are yet to see. So I believe that you are going a long way ahead on your Magical Journey and we will sure meet again. I am sure you will be having a busy schedule, but please keep in touch over general equipment for communication for laymen like me "mobile / telephone / emails", as I am no good at telepathy. - (Just kidding, but please do keep in touch) Sameer Hassan Moosa, 5591451

Dear Sir, It was wonderful evening with you and I really enjoyed your illusions technique. Let us meet again.T.Murali, General Manager, SHAHJAN TRADING COMPANY  WLL
Dear Satish,The pleasure was mine and indeed a great privilege to meet a magician of your stature. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was a memorable one and your magic was one of the highlights of the evening. My very best wishes to you.   Rammohan M. Rai

Dear Mr. Satish….. which showed that you are very great person especially when I saw the show that you made. Really it was more than excellent. Would like to see you again and again. Musa Ramadan, Doha-Qatar ,