In 1986 Satish Deshmukh started conducting “Magic Workshop” as a professional trainer. At that time no one was really interested to learn magic yet he spent 25 years of his life in training others. God created him to GIVE and not to ask for. He has maintained actual records of thousands of students. Some of them are best students rather ‘best of the best’ not only successful in the field of magic but various fields. He kept official record of children, celebrities, sometimes over smart one and shy too, he is a good trainer hence most of his students are either big stars or celebrities now, especially children, He is still one of the best trainers in the world.  
It was formal & non-formal training to youth and children to enhance the confidence.  Communication skills through magic as a beautiful medium. Magic can be used metaphorically to teach about change, growth and life skills. Magic is a great positive reinforcement for good behavior. It is also a useful diagnostic tool, particularly for depression.
Real great are always real. Some students paid his charges but very few learned from him just being with him. Infact that was practical training without fees.

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Some students who are now very successful...not only in magic field.
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Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.