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Dam Mad Culture of India
The little (denoting dance, music, magic and drama) that symbolizes Satish Deshmukh’s exclusive on stage.  It projects art and culture of India through the Indian classical dances and music with dramatical and magical presentation.

Example:  instance a Kathakali dancer depicting the role of a warrior suddenly, while dancing grabs a mace in the air to the amazement of the viewers.  Bharat Natyam dancer makes a magical wand swing to the rhythm of the dance by itself without anyone holding it and also producing archana flowers from her palms.  In dramatic presentation, while depicting a kidnap scene the disappearing trick of the projected victim can be portrayed effectively.
Beheading and severing human limbs will be realistically projected in drama scenes.  In Indian music , magic can be effectively used to synchronize with tricks producing varied coloured flowers and birds from nowhere.  It proclaims a cultural revolution in traditional Indian fine arts and magic.

Encounter with Satish Deshmukh
Taking magic into the next millennium, some new state-of-the-art illusions create a breathtaking experience.

Theater show- 150 min- 20-30 assistants
In order to keep prices down, in most situations we use local talent. That means that while we almost always travel with lead female super performer.

This includes not only the conjuring acts but also the big illusions. There shall also be pairs of dancers to be a part of this show.  They would perform various dances that would have a great amount of fusion of the east as well as the west.  Each of the dances is choreographed and is a part of the sequence of the show script. The entire performance would be for a time period of around 2 and half hours long.  Also there shall be an interval for 15 minutes in between the show.

Prices for this vary but in order to keep prices down, in most situations we use local talent. That means that while he almost always travel with only his lead male and female assistants, If producer arranges for 1 to 6 local dancer/models. We provide  4-8 hours of rehearsal.
The Zed

‘The Z’ is based on the story of a love stronger than the forces of nature.  It all started out with a theatre director named Z who met with an unfortunate accident on the night of his opening show.  Everyone believed he perished in the accident.  For many years he lived under his theatre alone and shut out from the world above.  On one faithful day, the theatre is re-opened and a new show is about to be launched.  Z’s curiosity gets the better and he makes his way up to the main stage from the darkness.  He saw a group of 6 exceptional dancers and one shy beautiful girl standing in the back.  She isn’t the best dancer but he makes a decision to take her under his wing and train her.
The Touch

The Touch is a theme-based stage magic / illusion show designed by renowned illusionist / trainer / master magician “Mr. Satish Deshmukh”.  The audience members get to a visual delight which is a combination of magic / illusion / dance / drama / music.
The special thing about this show is that Mr. Satish Deshmukh not only is the illusionist in the show; but he also portrays himself as an actor / dentist / inspector / various other characters.  Also the high point of the show being that the lead performer of the show along with Mr. Satish Deshmukh is an international / highly talented female supermodel. 
This show is choreographed by one of the leading choreographers.  His style of dances is the fusion of the east and the west.  This is one of the unique visual delights of this stage show.

The spirit of Humanity is birthed onto Earth, our temporary home, and we experience the first glimpse of Love at the first moment we are touched. Touch is our primal connection to our world, our family, our friends, and our purpose.
When we leave the womb into the Sun of Life, we are a living transformation of Creation itself. When we look up at the Moon, we are reminded every night in our dreams, where it was we came from this darkness of the universe, and its soft reflection of the gentle mother moon and the welcoming warmth from the strength of the father sun.
Learning the Art of Connection through TOUCH, we bridge from our illusion into reality.
Concept ties one illusion to another and all separate segments that relate to one common theme i.e. “ Touch “  Mr. Satish Deshmukh is a Magical Gladiator of Illusion To Lead the audience  to That Final Awareness  in feeling Joy as a group through their journey and the music and songs , magic and illusion evolved....To feel empowered just by being alive...
Fusion of Magic & Fashion
This is truly a unique creation of Mr. Satish Deshmukh.  If you see Miss Universe draped in a piece of cloth around her suddenly emerged as a man, don’t be surprised.  That is Satish Deshmukh making his entry to compare the fusion of fashion and magic show, which will be followed by top male and female models.   Mr. Satish Deshmukh is uses all optical and mechanical illusions in his Fusion of Fashion show e.g. [1] quick dresses change of all models within a fraction of second, [2] ten models will disappear from the ramp and reappear in different costumes with various outfits from anywhere in the auditorium.Just by clapping his hands, he changes fifteen costumes of  models on the ramp. A model in one of the featured fashion outfits steps into a beautifully decorated box. The box is then folded and refolded until it is too small to hold even a child. Three swords pierce the box at different angles and are then removed. The box is unfolded and a different model in a new outfit steps out of the box. The model complains that her costume was stained and is still wet, having just been cleaned, before she came onto the stage. She’s placed in a box and wringed her out by twisting her body like a wet towel as water pours out of her costume. This is not your average fashion show! A giant calendar in a huge Art Deco frame is rolled onto the stage. An audience member chooses one of twelve outfits featured in the fashion show. We flip through the calendar to find the month that matches the outfit and discover the chosen page is now blank. In a blast of confetti the calendar folds down to reveal two live models both wear the chosen outfit. Audience participation is always a lot of fun and local celebrities participate; surely you are making local history.  If you find the dresses of the models changed in a fraction of a second, or eight models disappearing from the ramp and reappearing in different costumes elsewhere in the auditorium; you will know that you are witnessing a first-of-its-kind show in the world.

Discover the Jadoo
Motivational Magic : Insightful, Motivational & Entertaining!.
Satish Deshmukh, 50 is the powerful secret weapon in the corporate race - to gain visibility - and marketing punch - in a highly competitive business world. He is excellent at incorporating business into his magic. The purpose of his every trick in his presentation is related to make certain point. His areas of interest are personality development, management, communication skills and behavioral sciences. As a faculty he feels that magic helps immensely in reducing stress, communicating with people and maintaining a reputation. He is confident of making his presence felt. Indeed the approach of this creative, dynamic and energetic young man who travels the world over, performing before thousands of executives at major convention has been very successful.

A 40-minute show that includes Solo Act (rings, rope, ball),  audience participation and one medium to large illusion with an assistant.
(Staging area and rehearsal time is minimized).
There shall also be a special performance in this show by the world’s youngest magician “Princess Kimaya”.  Also there would be performances by upcoming talent (new magicians), which would be in a way for the audiences to get a notice of the new talent.There is a great deal of audience member involvement in this show. 
The Man with Magic Touch_Thief (For USA)

Thief_ a transcendent performance of East and West, magic and music, an escape to emerge with a new breath that what perhaps is stolen is only in itself an illusion.

Dignity has been lost, heart has been stolen, a thief came in the night and stole time.

Illusion, stemmed from our perceptions, is the breath held in infinity. Magic and opera is that breath-the conduit of human emotional fantasy and illusion-the ability to escape beyond ourselves, living passionately, fearlessly, beyond our capacity of physical, emotional and special limitations.

All is stolen, hearts, time, the day, the night.  Life the precious illusion is stolen in everyday experiences-the gilded radiant heart openly on display for the perfect thief, joys and love offered in faith, emotions taunting the discerning robber who steals with disregard to any emptiness left behind.

Extreme Magic 
1. 1000 faces and Expression of surprise: Only one card trick created by Satish Deshmukh brings
happiness in life. Magician makes 100000 life better
2. Satish goes to management colleges and perform motivational magic to teach them how to
manage fear, shyness, risk taking abilities based on BLIND FOLD ACT
3. Street jacket Escape
4. Prediction of news paper headline of next day
5. Predicting Winner of Cricket match
6. FEEL AS I FEEL _viewers watching magic effect and feel the same at home.
7. ( 12 pictures frame) SMS of Celebrity selection by viewers for Same effect.
8. Transporting people from one place to another effect
9. Magic effects for Radio Stations
10. Ball through glass effect converting in walking through glass
11. Escape act on Vashi Bridge
12. Transportation act on Mountains
13. Forced items will be predicted on large scale through parachute Jump or under water (
Robert Gallup)
14. Three ghosts from china (appear and disappear effect on large scale magic City to City
A 40-minute show that includes Solo Act (rings, rope, ball),  audience participation and one medium to large illusion with an assistant.
(Staging area and rehearsal time is minimized).
There shall also be a special performance in this show by the world’s youngest magician “Princess Kimaya”.  Also there would be performances by upcoming talent (new magicians), which would be in a way for the audiences to get a notice of the new talent.
Explore the mysteries
Satish Deshmukh is an accomplished practitioner of large-scale illusions who has a theater designer’s eye for his vivid settings. The type of shows he performs is very unique and specific to the marketplace, requiring a theatrical performing venues. His shows are more like a legitimate "Theatre" show with it's own original theme in an "artist's studio" set.
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“What a piece of work is a man!
How noble in reason! How infinite in faculties!
In form and moving, how express and admirable!
In action how like an angel!
In apprehension how like a god!
The beauty of the world!
The paragon of animals!
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?”
William Shakespeare, Hamlet