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Teaching Sales Magic

Satish Deshmukh knows a secret - the secret to making your next trade show exhibit successful. It's simple really: More Traffic, More Leads, More Business. That's why companies hire him. He builds traffic and increases leads, while communicating information about your company's products or services. The end result? Enhancing your profile at meetings and conventions. His SalesMagic presentation at the trade show booth goes beyond entertainment. During the past ten years, he has represented many companies in the lodging and restaurant, computer software, housewares, automotive, printing and publishing, finance, healthcare, transportation and retail industries. He and his staff of corporate magicians appear at more than 75 trade shows annually.

What's his secret? It's more than having an ace up his sleeve. He incorporates your company's message into his magic.

As he turns a handful of one-dollar bills into hundreds he'll explain how your customers will profit from using your products or services.

When the hands on a spectator's wristwatch magically move backwards, Danny Orleans will remind your prospects that your company can save them time.

He'll prove your company can anticipate your customers' needs as he correctly predicts what card an audience member will select.

Commercials / Advertisements - Special Effects
Satish Deshmukh also specialises in providing technical advice to television commercial makers…He his many students appeared in a  TV advertisement. Created and performed magical effects for a promotional video for the American Express Credit cards in India, He has also created special effects without using computer software or any other camera tricks and played to the audience.
Trade Show magic
“I’ll represent your product and company image as if it were my own”_ Satish Deshmukh

Trade shows
are Satish Deshmukh's specialty, and I'll represent your product and company image as if it were my own. Magic is a test-proven marketing tactic for exploding qualified leads and sales. A Show & Tell Marketing exhibit will increase your company's visibility, deliver valuable product information and multiply qualified leads. Satish Deshmukh's simple formula...

1) Entertain your customers.
2) Create a receptive mood.
3) Hit them with the sales pitch!
4) Introduce qualified customers to your sales team.

Dear Satish,
I have never known or worked with anyone more gifted as an entertainer, more in-tune with our goals and objectives at product shows or who has a work ethic compared to yours.
V.Hariharan ,Vice

Dear Satish:
"Life itself is magic this was the best answer  you have given."
Jagat Jit Singh, Vice President;

Special Events & Meetings
Company parties, cocktails, and banquets are always great fun, but they can be magical. Whether I'm performing during cocktails or after dinner your guests will have a hilarious evening with charming magic and appropriate humor. Guests are not offended, and everyone will thank you for planning the party and hiring Satish Deshmukh

Customer Service Training:
SD's enthusiasm and sense of humor will quickly put company delegates at ease, while he teaches them
simple magic tricks subtly improving communication, team building and motivational skills. His special
workshop was organized by Cadbury Schweppes on huge barge opposite Gate way of India for 150
CEOs, and other corporate of the company.

Private Parties
Intimate close-up magic can be the perfect icebreaker at your party. SD will stroll amongst your guests, borrow items and perform magic inches away from the spectators. This will leave the audience believing the magic happened in their very own hands, and always guarantees an everlasting memory of your party or gathering.
SD uses his unique style of humour and magic to amaze and enchant all who watch him perform, he can create the focus on your product while at the same time getting your message across in an entertaining and memorable way.

Motivational Magic : Insightful, Motivational & Entertaining!
The ability to entertain an audience with magic and mind reading adds incredible impact to Satish Deshmukh’s speeches. His experience as a business person, and understanding of corporate culture, is equally impressive as his background as an entertainer.
He founded and has operated several successful companies of his own and has worked with many of the top training organizations.
Your theme, goals and objectives will be integrated into the presentation. Key points are illustrated by means of the magic. Some of the topics commonly included in the customized presentations are communication, stress relief, team building, goal setting, change, vision, creativity, and having fun while increasing productivity. Each presentation contains hard hitting quality information delivered in an entertaining style.It has always been seen that an incentive offered gets a job done. This incentive is nothing else but motivation. It is a force that drives a person . Routine work and overlapping situations create boredom which leads to disinterest.
Motivation is something which gives pleasure to a person after he finishes a job.
Thus rewards and incentives lead to motivation which in turn leads to better results.
A person can be motivated externally and internally.
External motivation comprises often money factor, social approval and the things which a person desires. It consists of all material gains.
Promotion and demotion act as techniques of external motivation.
A feeling that comes from within a person after accomplishing some difficult task is internal motivation. It is well above material gains. The needs here are self-actualization needs, which motivate him to do more work and hence lead him to success.

Product Launching
Many blue chip companies have realised how magic can have a memorable impact on their clients and personnel. To this end they have employed Satish’s Product Launches

At a Anuraah Soap's product launch, SD used his exceptional skills to make Diamonds to the value of £40,000 disappear and then reappear in a flash of fire In soap on rope.

Stunned audiences at the Sun Microsystems launch of their high range servers through the ‘Indian fire launcher saw Satish appear in a space capsule from nowhere as an alien representative. Challenges in the current IT scenario were the focus of this performance.

( List of product launches by Satish Deshmukh is available)

Satish Deshmukh can create extra interest and draw potential clients to your exhibition stand.
More importantly, he can customise magical effects to promote your product, message or
company name.

No matter what you next function may be, whether large or small,
We can provide magic entertainment for any occasion. We can cater for family shows,
Please do not hesitate to call if you have any enquiries.

Why Use Magic?

Did you know that according to a report released by the Trade Show Bureau (report #5040), 25% of the companies surveyed achieved their status of being remembered because of live demonstrations? It was also found that live MAGIC demonstrations are the second most effective attention getting techniques used in the trade show atmosphere. Only product demonstrations are more effective.

By delivering your company's sales message with magic it boosts your product's identification by 9%, and increases your company's identification by almost 14%...An incredible combination of results!

Attention Getting Techniques
Identification of A Company
1.  Product Demonstrations
2. Magicians
3. Robots
4. Giveaways
5. Themes
Corporate Magic

Why Use Magic?
Trade Show Magic
Product Launching
Motivational Magic
Imposter Speaker    
Private Parties
Teaching Sales Magic
Special Events & Meetings
Commercials /
Advertisements -
Special Effects
Customer Service Training
Communicational Magic
Promotional Giveaways

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan